Jardinggu: The Kristang Lexical Incubator

The Jardinggu, or Kristang Lexical Incubator, provides a space for the discussion and accelerated addition of new words into the Kristang lexicon.

The Kodrah Kristang team seeks to encourage more young people to learn and speak Kristang. Many young people, however, don’t see the value in learning a language that is not ready for the modern age, and lacks words for concepts that are important today, like “website”, “democracy” and “wifi”. Our Incubator provides space and language workers fluent in Kristang who are committed to seeing the language preserved for a new generation. Other previously dying languages like Hawaiian also formed incubators that created thousands of new words; today, Hawaiian lives again. We hope that with the work of the Jardinggu, Kristang will too!

Every two months, the Incubator team convenes to discuss the proposed new words. Anyone is welcome to join this meeting and make their voice heard. The next meeting, Ingkontru 2017-04, will be in August 2017 at a place and time to be confirmed.

Suggested words from previous meetings
2017 Ingkontru 01 Palabra Nubu (Sabdu, 8 Abril 2017)
2017 Ingkontru 02 Palabra Nubu (Sabdu, 10 Junyu 2017)

Watch our new words grow below: